Motivation Principles


Understanding your motivation reveals the forces and triggers that drive your actions and influence your choices.

The motivational formula is simple:

Strong Desire + Distinct Prompt = Response

Put another way, our motivation is based on what we want and how much we may want it. In the book “What’s Your Motivation,” this is thoroughly discussed using definition of terms and examples. Get your copy today

Our being is comprised of four natural entities: the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul. The Spirit is an acquired entity. We are motivated to take action by our thoughts (mind), feelings (heart), drives (body) and inspiration (spirit). Thus, motivation results from physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual triggers called “motivators.”

Motivators are the entities that influence all our actions. Here is a brief description:

BODY:           rest, food, activity sustains it; neglect inhibits its success; proper maintenance affects success
MIND:           information, experiences sustains it; psychological trauma or bad/negative attitude can inhibit success; positive attitude can fuel success
HEART:           love and affection sustains it; emotional trauma can inhibit success; peace can fuel success
SPIRIT:           inspiration, faith sustains it; lack of confidence or resistance can inhibit success; faith and goals can fuel success
SOUL:           life sustains it; responds to failure and success but does not cause failure or success

Some people may rely on one more than the others and, as a result, become unbalanced in the way they manage their lives. When the body is the primary influence, a person will value or focus on base human drives, such as food, sex and rest. When a person’s values are mainly centered on the mind, he or she will focus on perceived truths or facts. When the heart mainly drives one’s actions, a person will value or focus on emotional needs. Under the influence of the Spirit, a person will value or focus on faith and life’s purpose.

Discovering your main motivator is trying to determine which member of your being influenced the strong desires we have that can cause us to act or make certain choices.

Strong Desire (Which Motivator?)   +   Distinct Prompt   =   Response

The book provides lots of concrete examples, interesting anecdotes and extensive details in explaining these concepts. For instance, throughout this book, spirit is spelled with a lowercase “s” to reference the human spirit (disposition) that governs a person’s will, as well as evil forces, such as the one described above, that can live within or influence a person. Spirit is spelled with a capital “S” to reference the Holy Spirit.

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