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What's Your Motivation?: Identifying and Understanding What Drives You (2nd Ed)  ($14.95)
How does knowing what motivates you impact your life? Learn why this is the ultimate tool for "lasting" change in reading "What's Your Motivation." Using both Biblical principles and psychological theories, the book helps to bring people's lives back into balance, identifies problems in specific areas of life, and explains how to fix these issues by using the "Value Matrix."

The book is available in paperback (Allwrite Publishing, $14.95, 222 pages, ISBN: 978-0974493510) at Barnes & Noble and on It is also available as an eBook from online retailers such as Amazon (Kindle), Apple, (Nook),,,, and
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Motivation Workbook  ($10.95)

Everyone who benefits from the book will want more. Here's a way to accomplish that with a few individuals or a group who want further in depth study. Even on your own, as a self-paced study guide with thought-provoking, self-examination exercises, it will benefit not only you, but also those around you. Order it today (ISBN: 978-0984493166).

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