Seven Reasons Some People Fail Despite Being Given Enough to Succeed

Ever meet someone who was so very talented but never made it anywhere beyond his/her ideas and dreams? God loaded these people with talent that would be sure to catapult them into fame, success or wealth. Maybe they have only one profound gift, but it’s still something brilliant. Why would someone like this be broke, imprisoned or lacking in any regard?

Here are seven reasons why some people fail despite being given enough to succeed:

Greed: “I want it all” or “I deserve more” is what these people think. Watch a few episodes of Shark Tank and you’ll witness people who want to keep 100% of barely anything rather than 50% of plenty.

Pride: “I’m too good for that,” “I don’t need anyone else” or “I can do it by myself” are common assumptions of the proud.  In their minds, they are bigger and better than others, so they wait until people recognize that fact or they eliminate themselves due to lack of insight.

Procrastination: “I’ll do it later,” says the slothful. The problem is that later may be too late or never comes.

Impatience: “That may take years” or “I want it now” is what the short-sighted believe. Impatience causes people to get into unsuitable situations from which they may never rebound.   They miss the ideal to settle for either the counterfeit or convenient just because they didn’t want to wait.

Fear: “It probably won’t work out” or “I’m not that good” is what people think who are afraid of either success or failure. They are their own worst enemy, so nothing else has to stand in the way because either they won’t even try or they give up after a few unsuccessful attempts.

Bad Habit: “I have to smoke or drink something” or “Nothing’s wrong with hanging out at…” is the thought pattern here. Destructive behaviors and lifestyles are minimized or disregarded because they seem harmless. These habits are typically intensified with success, which grants greater access to everything, so the negative consequences soon interfere with further achievement.

Bad Relationship:  “My friend needs me to….” or “He/She doesn’t want me to…” This could include friends or a romantic relationship. Some relationships are major distractions in and of themselves. Others are toxic, wreaking havoc on the mind, body and spirit.


Some may argue that they have lacked opportunity or finances for success, but we can generate both opportunity and capital. Furthermore, some people fail to recognize or utilize either one wisely. No matter what excuses we use, the truth remains. We were put here to plug into something beyond ourselves, and one means is through our talent and gifts. When we fail to do this, we feel unfulfilled, no matter how much money we make. Thus, our goals should be centered or in line with our purpose.

Here are three tools that will help you overcome obstacles to successfully accomplishing your goals:

Prayer: Ask God to guide and direct your path, especially in recognizing opportunities and distractions. Ask Him to keep you humble and moderate in all that you do. Finally, ask Him for character traits, such as dedication and persistence, to help you accomplish your goals.

Support: Mingle with positive people who have similar interests. Organize a team (one or more) of people who are willing or able to help you.

Motivation: Find a reason to accomplish your goal(s) that’s relevant to more than just you. How will using your talent or gift better the world? We all need to earn money, but that shouldn’t be the only motive for pursuing your dreams. Making money is the byproduct of smart investments, so you don’t have to worry about money because it comes with wisely sharing your brilliance.

Ask yourself, “What my motivation?” The answer should help you identify what is driving your current decisions. It should also help you change your motivation if necessary, so that you achieve your goals.

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